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Out of the Burrow Cover.jpg

Out Of The Burrow - 1993

"Out of the Burrow" was the first studio effort for the Armadillos after they were formed in February of 1992.  In December of that year, and with a couple of live shows under their belt, they headed into the studio to record their first 4 original songs and a fifth that was penned by Steve Meeks, father of the 'Dillos' guitar player, Scott.  Two weeks later, they emerged with a 5-song EP that, little did any of them know, would be the biggest selling project of their career and one of the most successful independent country music projects in the industry to date.  With it's release in early 1993, "Out of the Burrow" went on to sell over 150,000 copies over the next year and a half, and earned the "Boys from Bakersfield" a record contract with Nashville heavyweight MCG/Curb Records in 1994.

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